5 things to consider when planning a renovation


Your kitchen is looking a little dated or perhaps you are keen to try out some of Farrow and Ball’s new colours on your walls.  Whatever the scale of the renovation project there are some key things you should consider in the planning process.

1. Will you be living through the renovation?

It is possible to live through a fairly substantial renovation including bathrooms and kitchens if you are able to compartmentalise your living temporarily.  Dust can be well contained by sealing off areas and any plumbing works can usually be carried out in a day without leaving you without any water or bathroom facilities.  Speak to your contractor to work out the best way to map out the works to cause minimum disruption.

2. Are any supply upgrades needed?

Plumbing / electrical upgrades?  If you are in an old property any superficial improvements may also require some behind the scenes updating.

3. Ordering timelines?

Make sure you are fully on top of any ordering for the renovations.  You don’t want to start a one week bathroom upgrade only to discover that your tiles are being shipped from Italy on a two week lead time.  There are usually many finishing touches that need to be thought about; from lighting and ironmongery to tile trims and grouts.  Try to ensure all the decisions have been made before the commencement of the project so as not to incur any delays. 

4. Contingency!

You should be advised to allow for a monetary contingency if the renovations you are planning are reasonably substantial; this will usually be about 10%.  A quote for works can only be provided based on what can be seen at the time which does leave the risk of there being unknowns.

You may also change your mind slightly when you see the works underway; perhaps you didn’t think you needed to paint your woodwork until the flawless new wall coverings were in place.  It’s always prudent to allow for the unforeseen / upgrades along the way.

5. Quotations

Make sure you are getting multiple quotes for the work; we recommend three.  All contractors work and price differently depending on their skills and overheads.  If you are using expensive materials and are after a high end finish, the labour you employ will need to reflect that too.  Also make sure you are checking for any extras.  At Hawkespur we always try to be fully exhaustive in our quotes for all the work that will need to be undertaken so that your budget doesn’t increase as the projects goes on.


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