Do you need an architect for your project?


When you have a budget, is an architect a sound investment?  Here are some things which you should consider when weighing up the pros & cons:


An architect will generally cost about 15% of your project. Whilst you may not have budgeted for this cost it is worth considering that architects can in fact often save you money.  Architects have key contacts in the industry (potential discounts) and they are far less likely to make mistakes which can be costly to correct.


If you have a very clear design vision you may not need an architect’s input. However, if you are struggling to picture the finished product, an architect might consider things you hadn’t thought of.  For instance, how to make the most of natural light when considering room partitions and window placement.  There are plenty of clever tricks to maximise your use of space and an architect will be best placed to advise on this.


If you are unable to be on site when work is underway it may add to your peace of mind if someone is monitoring every stage of the process for you.

Architects Drawings

There are 2 main reasons why you may need drawings:

  1. Planning permission. The planning permission process in itself can be hard to navigate and again, something which an architect can help with.  As a general rule, if you need planning permission, you should most likely be employing an architect.
  2. For building companies to accurately quote from. In order to obtain the most accurate quotes for your job, drawings detailing all elements of the build / reconfiguration are crucial.

Asides from these 2 factors, accurate drawing will be invaluable in assisting you in deciding whether and how you want to go about your project.  You will be able to accurately see how much space you will be gaining and how that space can be utilised. 

Hawkespur works closely with a number of architects in West London; do contact us if you need a recommendation.